Solar Panel Wholesale Price List in Dubai, UAE

Solar Panel price List in Dubai, UAE

Solar Panel price List in Dubai, UAE

Solar Panels Price List UAE -2019

Solar Panel Watt Price Per
Cost (AED)
335w Solar Panel 24V 2 670
320w Solar Panel 24V 2 640
315w Solar Panel 24V 2 630
300w Solar Panel 24V  2 600
250w Solar Panel 24V 2 500
200w Solar Panel 24V 2 400
200w Solar Panel 12V 2 400
160w Solar Panel 12V 2.25 360
150w Solar Panel 12V 2.25 337
125w Solar Panel 12V 2.25 281
100w Solar Panel 12V 2.25 225
80w Solar Panel 12V 2.5 200
75w Solar Panel 12V 2.5 168
50w Solar Panel 12V 2.5 125
40w Solar Panel 12V 3 120
20w Solar Panel 12V 3 60
10w Solar Panel 12V 3 30

Wholesale or Dealer Price for Solar Panels:

1) All price are negotiable.

2) Special discount for bulk quantity.

3) Wholesale price for dealers and re-sellers.

Please email on [email protected] for more discounts.

FAQ about Solar Panels:

What are solar panels?

How to use solar panel at home?

Solar Panel Price in Dubai-UAE

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