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Offering Hand shake for the association of Best Solar Price in India

Offering Hand shake for the association of Best Solar Price in India

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We are one of the youngest and the fastest growing companies in the domain of Solar Energy in India.  We design, build and commission off-grid and Grid-tied solar energy plants suited for a diverse profile of customers catering from residential, commercial, institutional and industrial rooftop from kW to MW scale by integrating technologies and expertise across the entire solar value chain.

Services: Our service offerings are complemented by our experience in the Indian market, and that is what makes our suite of offerings unique and complete.provide solutions to meet your demand. We have the right solution including of consulting , energy audit, system sizing, installation and maintenance.


Photo voltaic solar panels absorb sun rays as a source of energy to produce electricity. Solar panels are made of silicon cells usually 6*12 (72 Cells). Each Solar Panel ranges are from 100 watt to 365 Watt. The Efficiency of a Ploy crystalline Solar Panel is from 14 % to 16% And efficiency of Mono Crystalline 18 % to 22 % .There are a few commercially available solar modules that exceed efficiency of 22% and reportedly also exceeding 24%.

Solar Panels are of Two Types

Mono crystalline Solar Panel

Poly crystalline Solar Panel or Multi Crystalline Solar Panel

Mono crystalline solar panels

These types of panels are called mono crystalline because silicon used in these panel from a single crystal silicon .In Mono crystalline Solar Panel silicon is formed into bars and cut into wafers. The cell is composed of a single crystal so the electrons that generate a flow of electricity have more space to move. So mono crystalline panels are more efficient than their poly crystalline.

Poly crystalline solar panels

Poly crystalline solar panels are also made from silicon. In Poly crystalline solar panel silicon melt into many fragments of silicon together to form the wafers for the panel. Poly crystalline solar panels are also known as multi-crystalline or many-crystal silicon. Because there are many crystals in each cell, in poly crystalline there is to less space for the electrons to move.

Mono vs. Poly solar panels: Comparison table


Mono crystalline

Poly crystalline


More expensive

Less expensive


More efficient (Up to 23%)

Less efficient (Up to 16 %)


Solar cells are of black color

Solar cells are of blue color


25+ years

25+ years

Major manufacturers

·         Waaree

·         Canadian Solar

·         LG

·         Hyundai

·         Vikram Solar

·         Adani Solar

·         Waaree

·         Indo solar

·         Trina


Top Solar Bands in India

Brands: TATA Solar. LUMINOUS Solar. SUKAM Solar. HAVELLS Solar. PATANJALI Solar. EXIDE Solar. MICROTEK Solar.  WAAREE Solar. VIKRAM Solar. JAKSON Solar. ADANI Solar. LUBI Solar. DELTA Inverter. ZEVER Inverter. SMA Inverter. GROWATT Inverter. SOLAX Inverter.

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 05/03/2019