Sukam Solar Panel , Solar Battery, Solar Inverter Price List in India

About Sukam Solar

India’s best solar power solutions and plant company Su-Kam Power Systems Ltd. Su-kam solar products and Solar power plant solutions are made to meet all kinds of solar needs from 40W to 1 MW. From a 100W solar power system to a small house in small village to installing 1.3MW big solar power plant in Indian Army in Assam – sukam  have solarized lacs of homes, industries, offices, schools, colleges, institute,  and petrol pumps in India and more than 92 countries worldwide.

Sukam Solar Panel, inverters, PCU, Inverters Price List in India

Sukam Solar Panel, inverters, PCU, Inverters Price List in India

Su-Kam is a truly technology and innovation in Solar driven company. Su-Kam is a leading manufacturer of intelligent Solar power backup and solar power plant  products, which are engineered to be energy-efficient and our environment-friendly.


Sukam Grid Tie Inverter is designed to use Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) To use maximum amount of energy from the Solar array.And Sukam Grid Tie inverter is designed to take advantage of solar Modules configured as high voltage PV String Array with an input Voltage Maximum Power Point Range 150 Volt DC to 550 Volt DC.


Sukam 1K-SM Solar Inverter1 PH22,500.00
Sukam 2K-SM Solar Inverter1 PH30,500.00
Sukam 3K-SM Solar Inverter1 PH35,500.00
Sukam 5K-SM Solar Inverter1 PH55,500.00
Sukam 10K-DM Solar Inverter3 PH1,15,500.00
Sukam 20K-DM Solar Inverter3 PH1,35,500.00
Sukam 30K-TM Solar Inverter3 PH2,00,500.00
Sukam 50K-TM Solar Inverter3 PH4,10,500.00

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 12/03/2019