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About Solar Inverter

A solar inverter is a small solar device that can be defined as an electrical converter that converts the variable direct current output of a solar panel into alternating current. In a solar system, a solar inverter can be assumed as a BOS (balance of system) component. Since the DC electricity generated by solar panels can’t be fed into your home to operate your different appliances. Therefore, a solar inverter is a key component to a successful solar system and we can assume it as a bare necessity for your solar system.

Solar power inverters are designed to handle different loads, therefore, you have to choose the best inverter that fits your solar system. It allows its user to monitor the complete system so the user can observe whether the system is working efficiently or not? It also provides analytical information to assist in identifying operations & maintenance to fix issues of the system. From all this perspective, we can understand why an energy-efficient solar power inverter is essential. And as the costs of solar panels are a big investment, you should make sure you have a good inverter for your energy system.

Types of Solar Inverter

At first glance, all the solar power inverter will look similar to you. But let us tell you that there are three different types of solar inverters that you can choose for your solar system, and each of them works slightly differently.

  • On-grid solar power inverter
  • Off-grid solar power inverter
  • Hybrid solar power inverter

On-Grid Solar Inverter

An on-grid solar power inverter is also known as “Grid-Tie Solar power Inverter”. Genuinely, this type of solar inverter is used with an on-grid solar system only. It converts direct current into the household alternating current. This conversion process happens silently and automatically every day. In case there is surplus power generated by your solar system than it supplies the excess electricity to the grid through net-metering. Net-metering is a process where the user is paid by the grid company/government for the power supplied. If there is a shortage of power or power outages then the inverter extracts the power from the grid.

On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List

On-Grid Solar Inverter ModelRating (kVA)Selling price
1kW On grid solar power inverter1 kVA 1PRs.19,000
2kW On grid solar power inverter2 kVA 1PRs.25,000
3kW On grid solar power inverter3 kVA 1PRs.30,000
5kW On grid solar power inverter5 kVA 1PRs.45,000
6kW On grid solar power inverter6 kVA 3PRs.75,000
10kW On grid solar power inverter10 kVA 3PRs.90,000


Off-Grid Solar Inverter

An off-grid solar power inverter is also known as “Stand-Alone Solar Inverter”. This type of solar inverter is required with an off-grid solar system. Solar panels produce enormous amounts of DC electricity when the sun is shining outside but this DC electricity can’t be used at homes. So an off-grid inverter transforms this DC electricity into useful AC electricity. The unconsumed or excess electricity will be stored in solar batteries for later use.

Off-Grid Solar power Inverter Price List

Off-Grid Solar Inverter ModelRating (kVA)Selling price
1kW Off grid solar inverter1 kVA 1PRs.19,000
2kW Off grid solar power inverter2 kVA 1PRs.25,000
3kW Off grid solar power inverter3 kVA 1PRs.30,000
5kW Off grid solar power inverter5 kVA 1PRs.45,000
6kW Off grid solar power inverter6 kVA 1PRs.75,000
10kW Off grid solar power inverter10 kVA 1PRs.90,000


Hybrid Solar Inverter

A solar hybrid inverter is a combination of on-grid and off-grid solar inverter. With the technological advances of recent years, solar photovoltaic inverter and battery inverter have been combined to form a hybrid solar inverter. It converts DC current into AC current to power your household appliances. The excess electricity that is not used in your home is then either fed into the utility grid (electrical power lines) or into home solar battery storage. In case you are supplying excess electricity to the utility grid, your utility company will retain it as a credit for a billing period which will then be applied to future electric bills.

Hybrid Solar Inverter Price List

Hybrid Solar Inverter ModelRating (kVA)Selling price
3kW Hybrid solar inverter3 kVA 1PRs.75,000
5kW Hybrid solar inverter5 kVA 1PRs.78,500
6kW Hybrid solar inverter6 kVA 1PRs.83,500
10kW Hybrid solar inverter10 kVA 1PRs.1,78,500
10kW Hybrid solar inverter10kVA 3PRs.2,39,000


Solar Inverter Brands

There are a lot of solar inverter manufacturers in India. For many peoples, it becomes a great confusion to choose the best among them. So we have compiled a list of the best solar inverter brands by analyzing their features, prices, and other variables. Here, we have highlighted the top 5 solar inverter brands that you should consider when making your purchase decision.

Luminous Solar

Luminous is a leading manufacturer of solar equipment including high-quality solar inverters. Luminous solar inverters are highly efficient. These solar inverters are also reliable, durable, and low-cost solar solutions in India. You can install them with your home solar system or your commercial solar system.

Microtek Solar

Microtek solar is also a well-known brand that offers extremely high and premium quality solar products along with solar inverter. These solar inverters are long-lasting inverters with a robust convection cooling system. If you are looking for the best solar inverter for your home than you can go for Microtek solar inverter.

UTL Solar

UTL solar is one of India’s top solar manufacturers. It offers a complete series of on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters that are equally efficient. This solar inverter provides a stable and continuous power supply for high power consumption. By installing UTL solar inverter, you can experience a better world.

Delta Solar

Delta solar is also the topmost choice of Indians. Delta solar manufactures both home solar inverters and commercial solar inverters as well. These solar inverters are available in various series including RPI-home & commercial series, utility series, and hybrid series. Delta solar inverters are best in the terms of quality, cost, and reliability.

Sukam Solar

Sukam solar is India’s leading manufacturer of solar products. It manufactures on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solar inverters. Sukam solar inverters are best to use for home and other places. Sukam solar inverter can be an obvious and best choice when it comes to choosing the best inverter for its longevity.

FAQs - Solar Inverter

What is the expected working life of a solar inverter?

The expected working life of a solar inverter is around 20 years to 25 years, depending upon the quality of solar inverter.


What type of solar inverter should I install with a home solar system?

The type of solar inverter depends upon the problem that you are facing currently. If you are suffering from heavy electricity bills then go for an on-grid solar inverter, if you are facing the problem of long power cuts on regular basis then go for an off-grid solar inverter, or for both, go for a hybrid solar inverter.


What is the price of a 5kVA solar inverter?

The price of 5kVA off-grid and on-grid solar inverter is Rs.45,000 and the hybrid solar inverter is Rs.78,500.


What capacity solar inverter will be best for a 3kW solar system?

For a 3kW solar system, your solar inverter should be of 3kVA too.


Can I install an on-grid solar inverter with an off-grid solar system?

No, it can create several problems for you. We recommend you to install an off-grid solar inverter with off-grid solar systems and on-grid solar inverter with the on-grid solar system only.

Top Solar Bands in India

Brands: TATA Solar, UTL Solar, LUMINOUS Solar, SUKAM Solar, HAVELLS Solar, PATANJALI Solar, EXIDE Solar, MICROTEK SolarWAAREE Solar, VIKRAM Solar, JAKSON Solar, ADANI Solar, LUBI Solar, DELTA Inverter, ZEVER Inverter, SMA Inverter, GROWATT Inverter and SOLAX Inverter.


Author: Bhanwar
Updated On: 09/10/2020