Solar Battery

About Solar Battery

A solar battery is an integral part of a solar system. A solar battery not only can store the electricity in it but it also extends the use of a solar system’s generated energy. A solar power battery is paired with a solar system to store solar energy and discharge power as and when needed. Solar batteries are designed to be charged from solar energy as well as grid electricity to provide cheap and sustainable power even when the sun is not shining in the nights.

Solar batteries are preferred and most common when it comes to storing solar energy because they are better than traditional batteries in terms of charging and release cycles. Mostly, solar batteries are C10 rated deep cycle batteries which are specially designed for connecting with solar applications. Deep cycle/discharge is the percentage of stored energy that can actually be withdrawn from the solar battery. For a better and long working life, a solar battery should never be discharged below its specified depth of discharge. However, each model of the solar battery has a different discharging rate with different temperatures, mounting, and ventilation requirements.

Types of Solar Battery

Solar batteries are used in the off-grid solar systems and hybrid solar systems to store surplus power for later use.  A solar system captures the sunlight, converts it into electricity, and stores it inside the solar battery. There are mainly two types of solar batteries to store electricity.

  • Tall Tubular Solar Battery
  • Lithium-ion Solar Battery

Tall Tubular Solar Battery

Tall tubular solar batteries are the latest technology solar batteries with higher energy efficiency. As clear by its name, tall tubular means tall solar batteries. Tubular batteries are taller than other types of solar battery such as flat plate batteries. These solar batteries are manufactured by using two main chemical compositions, lead-acid and saltwater. Tall tubular batteries are not sealed and require water top-up once in 3-6 months.

Lithium-ion Solar Battery

Lithium-ion batteries are very successful and the best option for storing solar energy for later use. The efficiency rate of lithium-ion solar batteries is more than 90% and their expected lifetime is around 15 years. Also, these batteries can be discharged up to 100% of stored power. Because of their considerable advantages, lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly accepted storage alternatives.

Solar Battery Price List

The price of a solar power battery depends on various factors. These important factor which impacts the price of batteries are

  • Brand Name
  • Replacement warranty offered on batteries
  • Capacity of Battery (In Ampere Hour)

However, in spite of all these factors, we have mentioned the prices of various capacities of solar batteries below.

Solar Battery ModelRating (Ah)Selling price
20Ah Solar Battery20 AhRs.2,900
40Ah Solar Battery40 AhRs.3,800
60Ah Solar Battery60 AhRs.4,600
75Ah Solar Battery75 AhRs.6,100
100Ah Solar Battery100 AhRs.7,900
150Ah Solar Battery150 AhRs.11,900
200Ah Solar Battery200 AhRs.12,900


Brands in Solar Battery

Exide Solar

Exide solar is the largest manufacturer of solar batteries. It is one of the old and reliable solar manufacturers in India. Exide solar batteries will provide you long power backups during outages or nights.

Luminous Solar

Luminous is a dominating name in the field of solar power power. Luminous solar batteries are available in various models, capacities, and designs as well. These solar batteries are the best storage alternative whether it is about efficiency or about their reliability.

Patanjali Solar

Patanjali solar manufacturer is an indigenous company that is popularly known for its quality solar products. Solar batteries by Patanjali solar are extremely efficient and therefore can be the best option for your home and commercial solar system.

UTL Solar

UTL solar is supporting green and clean energy everywhere in India. Therefore, the UTL manufactures premium quality C10 rated solar batteries with deep charge and discharge features. These solar batteries are also available in various models, capacities, and designs. UTL solar batteries are also affordable and come with 3 to 5 years of warranty.

Havells Solar

Havells solar is also one of the popular solar battery manufacturers in India. Solar batteries by Havells is a good option for those who are looking for heavy power backup options. These solar batteries provide long power backup on regular basis. So if you are looking for a reliable storage option, Havells solar batteries can be one of them.

Top Solar Bands in India

Brands: TATA Solar, UTL Solar, LUMINOUS Solar, SUKAM Solar, HAVELLS Solar, PATANJALI Solar, EXIDE Solar, MICROTEK SolarWAAREE Solar, VIKRAM Solar, JAKSON Solar, ADANI Solar, LUBI Solar, DELTA Inverter, ZEVER Inverter, SMA Inverter, GROWATT Inverter and SOLAX Inverter.


Author: Bhanwar
Updated On: 09/01/2021