SOLAX On-Grid Solar Inverter Price in India 2019

Solax Solar Inverters

Solax products are tested, designed and manufactured for the highest world wide standards. Proudly supported by 18 international sales representative with 24-hour, 7 days per week online service, solax products are exported to 48 countries via 250 distribution channels. Solax have developed a wide range of Single and three phase solar inverters in the industry for their efficiency, quility and reliability.



The Solax single phase and three phase inverters boast a wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 580 volt to 1000 volt, with a maximum efficiency of 97.8%.

SOLAX On-Grid Tie Inverter Price list 2019

Solax Model Rating Price
X1-1.1S Single Phase Solax 1kW Solar Inverter 19,500.00
X1-2.0S Single Phase Solax 2kW Solar Inverter 33,500.00
X1-3.0SN Single Phase Solax 3kW Solar Inverter 41,500.00
X1-4.2-TN Single Phase Solax 4kW Solar Inverter 51,500.00
X1-5.0TN Single Phase Solax 5kW Solar Inverter 59,500.00
ZDNY-TL10000 Three Phase Solax 10kW Solar Inverter 1,17,500
ZDNY-TL15000 Three Phase Solax 15kW Solar Inverter 1,55,500
ZDNY-TL 20000 Three Phase Solax 20kW Solar Inverter 1,80,500


Features of Solax Solar Inverter:-

Secure & reliable with software and hardware protection.

Maximum efficiency up to 98.5%, Euro efficiency up to 98%.

Wide MPPT voltage range & two independent MPPT trackers.

High protection class - IP65 (indoor/outdoor use).

Multiple protections RCD, Over & under voltage.

Earth, an-islanding, over temperature protections.

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 12/03/2019