Zever On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List in India

About Zever Solar

Zever Solar Founded in 2007 with an idea of affordable and simple photovoltaic  Solar inverters that everybody can use. Zever is one of the biggest Manufacturers of Solar inverters in China. In 2009 our idea grew into a movement by spreading to Australia and Europe. Zever Solar starting the change today with solar products and solar services that reflect vision of revolutionising. Zever solar inverters are the best solar inverter at very economic price in india.

Zever Solar on-Grid Inverter Price List in India

Zever Solar on-Grid Inverter Price List in India

ZEVER On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List 2019

Zever Model Rating (KW) Price Rs.
Zeverlution S-1000 1P 1 kW Solar Inverter 32,500.00
Zeverlution S-1500 1P 1.5 kW Solar Inverter 36,500.00
Zeverlution S -000 1P 2 kW Solar Inverter 42,500.00
Zeverlution S 3000 1P 3 kW Solar Inverter 54,500.00
Evershine 4 3P 4 kW Solar Inverter 64,500.00
Evershine 5 3P 5 kW Solar Inverter 75,500.00
Evershine 6 3P 6 kW Solar Inverter 97,500.00
Evershine 8 3P 8 kW Solar Inverter 99,500.00
Evershine 10 3P 10 kW Solar Inverter 1,17,500.00
Eversol 15 3P 15 kW Solar Inverter 1,69,500.00
Eversol 20 3P 20 kW Solar Inverter 1,90,500.00
Zeverlution Pro 33 3P 33 kW Solar Inverter 2,33,000.00



Features of Zever Solar Inverter:-

Zever Solar inverter eefficiency is 98.3%.

Automatically decrease its output power.

Protect itself from overheating.

Multiple Maximum PowerPoint Tracking

RS485 and Modbus RTU communications

Integrated Ethernet and Wi-Fi communication

Grid management functions via integrated

Easy handling for installation and maintenance

Graphical display & IP65 protection class

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 06/03/2019