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About UTL Solar Inverter

UTL solar inverters are widely used in the home, offices, commercial and industrial sector. There are different types on UTL solar inverters range starts from 800VA to 120kVA. UTL is No.1 manufacturer and global leader in solar inverters, bringing you the wide range of solar inverters. MPPT based highly efficient solar inverter series includes: Heliac solar inverter, Shamsi solar inverter, Gamma solar PCU, Gamma+ inverter and Alfa+ Series in Off-grid solar inverters category, String Solar Inverter in On-grid solar inverter and Sigma+ Inverters comes in Hybrid Inverters. Our solar inverters are fully customizable as per the grid condition.

UTL Solar Inverter 1kW to 120kVA

UTL Solar Inverter 1kW to 120kVA

UTL well designed solar inverters, compatible for all types of solar panels. In addition to their excessive efficiency, our inverters are characterized by long service life. With our well-managed photovoltaic solution team of 1000+ local dealers, distributors, stockiest and service centres, we are offering fast and reliable local solar services to our precious customers.

Types of UTL Solar Inverter

UTL solar manufactures with various types of solar inverters and solar PCUs. Mainly there are three types of solar systems i.e. Off grid solar inverter, On grid solar inverter and Hybrid solar inverter and UTL manufacturers all types of solar inverters for all types of solar inverters. If you are thinking or planning to buy a solar inverter then have a look below to know about different types of UTL solar inverter.

  • Off Grid Solar Inverter
    • Heliac (850-3500VA)
    • Shamsi (675-1475VA)
    • Gamma+ (1kVA 12-24 Volt)
    • Gamma PCU (2-5kVA)
    • Alfa+ PCU (1-15kVA 1P)
  • Online Solar PCU
    • Alfa Online PCU (5-10kVA 1P)
  • Mars Online PCU (5-20kVA 3P)
    • Star Online PCU (20-120kVA 3P)
  • On Grid Solar Inverter (String Solar)
  • Hybrid Solar Inverter (Sigma+ PCU)

Off Grid Solar Inverter

Off grid means they are not connects with government electricity. UTL’s Off Grid ALPHA+ PCU model is an integrated unit consists of grid charger, inverter, and MPPT solar charger. UTL solar inverter continuously monitors soar battery and solar voltage as well as grid and output voltage with their currents. UTL solar inverter is also called PCU, which uses usage of solar power primary and electricity from grid secondary to charge the solar battery.

Heliac Solar Inverter Series

UTL’s Heliac solar inverters range starts from 1050VA to 3550VA are perfect for small homes, offices, small factory etc. They have light weight, easy to install and low maintenance. With its compact and unique design, this inverter offers the highest power density for better experience.

Heliac Solar Inverter

Heliac Solar Inverter

Heliac Solar Home Inverter Price List

UTL Heliac Solar Inverter ModelMRPSelling Price
1050VA HeliacRs. 8,580Rs. 6,871
1200VA HeliacRs. 8,980Rs. 7,234
1650VA HeliacRs. 11,180Rs. 9,049
2050VA HeliacRs. 16,800Rs. 13,511
2550VA HeliacRs. 27,015Rs. 21,728
3550VA HeliacRs. 30,985Rs. 24,918

Features of UTL Heliac Solar Inverter

  • Heliac Inverters have inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • Colorful LCD Display.
  • Frequency is 50 & 60Hz.
  • Multi Charging Stage like Bulk, Absorption and Float.
  • Solar Priority for Load and Solar Battery Charging.
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Protections of RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • It is compatible with DG as an Input Source and IT Load
  • It is compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.

SHAMSI Solar Inverter Series

Shamsi Solar Inverters powered by UTL are suitable for residential solar plant applications. Solar inverters of Shamsi series are designed as per IP20 rated standard compliance. Shamsi inverters are also equipped with highly efficient PMW trackers which give our inverters greater power generation efficiency. Shamsi solar inverters are available from 675VA to 1475VA power rating.

Shamsi Solar Inverter

Shamsi Solar Inverter

Shamsi Solar Inverter Price List 2020

UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter ModelMRPSelling Price
675VA Shamsi Solar InverterRs. 5,800Rs. 4,602
875VA Shamsi Solar InverterRs. 7,690Rs. 5,881
1075VA Shamsi Solar InverterRs. 8,290Rs. 6,380
1475VA Shamsi Solar InverterRs. 10,390Rs.7,975

Features of UTL Shamsi Solar Inverter

  • It maintains battery health for longer life.
  • Modified with Sine wave output.
  • Built-in IT mode.
  • Easy to Installation and low maintenance.
  • Best Regulated output.
  • Multi Stage Battery Charging (Bulk, Absorption & Float).
  • Protections of RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Inbuilt PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • It can operate without Solar.
  • LED Display for Operation and issue.

GAMMA+ Solar Inverter

Latest, smart and power full solar inverter “Gamma+” by UTL is an ultra-small residential photo-voltaic solar inverter especially designed to bring comfort in your life. UTL 1KVA Gamma+ solar inverter is designed in two models i.e. 12V and 24V rating with multi colour display. Its amazing characteristics include real time precise MPPT algorithm for maximum power harvesting.

Gamma Plus Solar Inverter

Gamma Plus Solar Inverter

Gamma+ MPPT Solar Price List 2020

Gamma+ Solar Inverter ModelMRPSelling Price
1kVA MPPT Solar Inverter 12VRs. 14990Rs. 10,878
1kVA MPPT Solar Inverter 24VRs. 14990Rs. 10,878

Features of UTL Gamma+ Solar Inverter

  • Frequency available - 50Hz & 60Hz.
  • Multi Charging Stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float).
  • Solar Priority of Load & Battery Charging.
  • Preference to Solar Power over Grid Power.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output.
  • Protections: RBP, RSPV, OVL, BL, OBC, SC, IHV & ILV.
  • Compatible with DG as an Input Source.
  • Compatible with IT Load.
  • Compatible with SMF, Gel & Tubular Batteries.
  • Priority Selection Mode - PCU, Smart & Hybrid.

GAMMA Solar Inverter Series

UTL’s Gamma inverters are ideally suited to newly-built housing projects or existing small residential installations. It has unique design that makes it different from other traditional inverters. The combination of enormous digital protection, MPPT charge controller, comprehensive software and ultra-strong hardware assure its long service life. Our Gamma series is available from 2kVA to 5kVA power rating.

Gamma Solar Inverter

Gamma Solar Inverter

Gamma Solar PCU Price List 2020

UTL Gamma Solar PCU ModelMRPSelling Price
2kVA 24V Solar PCURs. 31,490Rs. 27,255
2kVA 48V Solar PCURs. 31,490Rs. 27255
3kVA 48V Solar PCURs. 42,830Rs. 37,071
5kVA 48V Solar PCURs. 61,590Rs. 53,310
5kVA 96V Solar PCURs. 61,590Rs. 53,310

Features of UTL Gamma Solar Inverter

  • Pure Sine Wave Design.
  • MPPT
  • Maximum Power Preference to Solar.
  • Extensive Electronic Protection.
  • Digital Display.
  • User Friendly Setting by LCD Switch.
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • 20 years product life, 2-5 yrs of warranty.

ALFA+ Solar Inverter SeriesUTL introduced one more powerful solar inverter “ALFA+” that are highly efficient single-phase solar inverters particularly designed for residential home solar systems, covering a wide power range from 1 kVA to 15 kVA. Alfa+ inverter series is characterized with lightweight, easy to install and maintain features and best suits for both outdoor and indoor installations.



Alfa+ Solar PCU Price List 2020

UTL Alfa+ Solar PCU ModelMRPSelling Price
1kVA 24V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 22,670Rs. 19,620
2kVA 48V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 34,990Rs. 30,284
3kVA 48V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 47,590Rs. 41,191
5kVA 48V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 68,590Rs. 59,369
5kVA 96V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 68,590Rs. 59,369
7.5kVA 96V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 93,800Rs. 81,193
7.5kVA 120V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 93,800Rs. 81,193
10kVA 120V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 1,40,000Rs.1,21,184
10kVA 180V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 1,40,000Rs.1,21,184
15kVA 240V Alfa+ Solar PCURs. 2,20,910Rs.1,91,219

Features of UTL Alfa+ Solar Inverter

  • Pure Sine Wave Design.
  • Maximum preference to Solar Power.
  • USB based communication, 30 days data logs
  • Inbuilt AC & DC energy meter.
  • 20 years product life, 2-5 yrs of warranty.
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • User friendly & accessible LCD Display with all AC & DC Parameters.
  • Configurable by Display Switches and Digital LCD.

On grid Solar Inverter (Solar String Inverter)

On grid means it works with government electricity. String solar inverter series are the most productive inverters in the Indian market.  On grid inverters are single/three-phase inverters, specially designed to work even in low voltage power inputs. With very low start-up voltage, string inverters can operate the generated electricity earlier than its similar solar inverters. UTL String solar inverter series are transformer less inverters that simplify the configuration of all grid-tie photovoltaic systems.

On grid Solar Inverter

On grid Solar Inverter

UTL On-grid Solar Inverter Price List 2020

UTL On-grid Inverter ModelMRPSelling Pirce
1kW 1P On-grid  InverterRs. 28,000Rs. 22,619
2kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 29,000Rs. 26,390
3kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 30,600Rs. 28,500
3.2kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 30,600Rs. 32,686
4kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 40,000Rs. 36,871
4.2kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 40,000Rs. 41,017
4.6kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 46,400Rs. 42,977
5kW 1P On-grid InverterRs. 53,000Rs. 46,748
5.2kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 53,000Rs. 76,892
5.5kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 55,100Rs. 78,415
6.6kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 66,000Rs. 85,954
8.8kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 88,000Rs. 90,479
11kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 1,05,000Rs. 93,494
12kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 1,10,000Rs. 96,510
10kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 1,00,000Rs. 1,13,098
15kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 1,20,000Rs. 1,17,623
20kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 1,30,000Rs. 1,77,942
50kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 3,10,000Rs. 2,50,325
60kW 3P On-grid InverterRs. 3,20,000Rs. 2,83,500

Features of UTL String Solar Inverter

  • Transformer less Solar Inverter
  • Low Harmonic current distortion (THDi<3%)
  • 5 Years Standard Warranty.
  • IP65 Certified Grid-Tie Solar Inverter.
  • Onboard SPDs for DC & AC sides.
  • Wi-Fi and Monitoring Application Available.
  • Multiple Protection Level.
  • High Productivity with Great Efficiency.

Hybrid Solar Inverter (SIGMA+ Solar Inverter)

Sigma+ solar inverter is a smart PCU with high productivity by UTL which can store as well as export the electricity. Our Sigma+ hybrid solar inverter is a powerful and versatile solar inverter and we take great pride in it. UTL Sigma+ hybrid solar inverter can be conceived as the solid element of your residential or commercial solar photovoltaic system with USB based communication and inbuilt AC & DC energy meter.

UTL Sigma Solar Inverter

UTL Sigma Solar Inverter

Hybrid Solar Inverter Price List 2020

UTL Hybrid Solar Inverter ModelMRPSelling Price
1kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 38,070Rs. 32,950
2kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 49,975Rs. 43,251
3kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 67,895Rs. 58,763
4kVA 48V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs .87,490Rs. 75,729
5kVA 96V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 97,990Rs. 84,818
7.5kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 1,53,990Rs. 1,33,292
10kVA 120V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 2,16,990Rs. 1,87,826
10kVA 180V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 1,98,090Rs. 1,71,766
15kVA 240V Sigma+ Solar InverterRs. 2,79,990Rs. 2,42,360

Key Features of UTL Sigma+ Solar Inverter

  • Grid Interactive solar inverter.
  • Maximum Preference to Solar Power.
  • USB based communication, 30 days data logs.
  • Inbuilt AC & DC energy meter.
  • GSM/GPRS based remote monitoring & controlling (Optional).
  • Certified by IEC 61683, 61727, 60529, 60068-2 (1,2,14,30) & 62116 standards.
  • 20 year’s product life and 2-5 yrs of warranty.
  • User Friendly & Easily accessible LCD Display with all AC and DC Parameters.
  • Configurable by Display Switches & Digital LCD.
  • Reverse AC Voltage Protection.
  • Priority based working modes - Smart/PCU/Hybrid.
  • Grid Export Mode, NLSD, Grid Charging &IT Load - Enable/Disable by Display Switch.

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