Solar Inverter AC VFD Drive, Working & Price in India

What is Solar AC Drive ?

Solar AC Drive mainly used for converting your existing convention AC to Inverter AC.Solar AC Drive is an intermediate device that will allow an air conditioning without impacting of compressor starting current. It can run two air conditioner at nominal condition. The compressor of air conditioner is soft started by Solar AC Drive. This also ensures that the load is always managed and maintains with in limits. It is very easy to install and can be used with any conventional air conditioner.


Solar AC Drive Specification:-

  • Solar AC Drive suitable for 1.5 ton air conditioner with 2 kWp rating inverter
  • It has wide input voltage range between 160 Volt - 270 Volt
  • Temperature ranges between -10 ᵒC to 50 ᵒC
  • Enclosure IP 33 Wall mounting
  • Efficiency more than 94 %@ nominal 220 volt


  • Solar AC Drive is suitable for any sine wave inverter
  • Inverter will not trip during compressor start
  • No surges/ jerks means longer air conditioner life
  • Load is limited by controlling output frequency
  • Protection for the compressor motor for winding short protection



  • Mount the Solar AC Drive properly and there is no gap between wall and mounting surface.
  • Input wire should be properly connected and there is no loose connection
  • Output of inverter should be sine wave
  • All other wiring in air conditioner remain as per original wiring


  • Do not connect Solar AC Drive to an inverter air conditioner
  • Do not leave the capacitor connected at the output power wiring of the Solar AC Drive
  • Do not wire relay for switching at the output of the Solar AC Drive
  • Do not open the Solar AC Drive without Expert advise
  • Do not Touch or its connection within 10 min of disconnecting the power

Solar AC Drive Price:-

There are several Solar AC Drive available in market.

Solar AC Drive price in india

AC upto 1.5 tonAC upto 2 tonAC upto 4 ton
Rs. 15000Rs. 20000Rs. 25000

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 21/09/2020