Havells Solar Panel System Price List 2020

Havells Solar Panel System (SolarEdge)

Havells SolarEdge invented an intelligent Grid Tie inverter which gives us solution that revolutionized the Solar power is harvested and managed in a solar photovoltaic (PV) system. The Havells SolarEdge direct current (DC) optimized inverter system which maximizes Solar power generation at the individual Photo voltaic module level while lowering the cost of energy produced by the solar Photo voltaic system. SolarEdge has shipped approximately 6.7 Gigawatt (GW) of its DC optimized inverter systems and products have been installed in solar PV systems in 130 countries.

Havells SolarEdge Solar Panels, Inverters and Other Products in India

Havells SolarEdge Solar Panels, Inverters and Other Products in India

Havells SolarEdge’s mission is to become the leading provider of grid tie inverter which gives solutions all across  solar PV market segments and broaden the availability of clean, renewable solar energy.

A proprietary data monitoring receiver has been integrated into the SolarEdge inverter that aggregates the power optimizer performance data from each Solar Photo Voltaic module. This data can be transmitted to the web and accessed via the SolarEdge Monitoring Platform for performance analysis, Generation, fault detection and troubleshooting of Photo voltaic systems.

Havells Solar Panel System Price List 2020

Solar Panel System CapacityPrice / watt (12 Years)Price / watt (25 Years)
Havells Solar Panel 2.6 KWp 1P System85.5093.50
Havells Solar Panel 3.25 KWp 1P System81.5088.00
Havells Solar Panel 3.58 KWp 1P System79.0085.00
Havells Solar Panel 4.23 KWp 1P System79.2585.75
Havells Solar Panel 5.20 KWp 1P System74.0079.00
Havells Solar Panel 6.18 KWp 1P System71.5076.50
Havells Solar Panel 5.20 KWp 3P System75.5082.80
Havells Solar Panel 6.18 KWp 3P System71.0077.50
Havells Solar Panel 7.15KWp 3P System69.0074.50
Havells Solar Panel 8.13 KWp 3P System66.5071.00
Havells Solar Panel 9.75 KWp 3P System59.7564.25
Havells Solar Panel 10.40 KWp 3P System58.7562.75
Havells Solar Panel 11.05 KWp 3P System58.2562.25
Havells Solar Panel 16.90 KWp 3P System54.0057.00
Havells Solar Panel 17.55 KWp 3P System53.5056.50
Havells Solar Panel 20.15 KWp 3P System52.5055.00
Havells Solar Panel 25.35 KWp 3P System52.2554.25
Havells Solar Panel 30.55 KWp 3P System51.0053.00
Havells Solar Panel 50.05 KWp 3P System51.2553.25
Havells Solar Panel 100.10 KWp 3P System50.7552.75

Features of Havells Solar Panel System:-

Specially designed to work with power optimizes.

SolarEdge Inverter Has Superior efficiency.

Excellent reliability with standard 12 year warranty

Extendable warranty from 20 or 25 years.

Inverters Small, lightweight and easy to install.

SolarEdge built-in module-level monitoring receiver.

Internet connection through Ethernet or Wireless.

IP65 / NEMA 3R – Outdoor and indoor installation.

Benefits of Havells Solar Panel Systems:-

SolarEdge Inverter increase 30% in energy production in systems with shading issues.

In SolarEdge Inverter  Energy loss caused by module mismatch and partial shading is eliminated.

In SolarEdge Inverter Individual module monitoring, performance reporting and alerts

In SolarEdge Inverter temperature is not a factor because fixed string voltage ensures the inverter always operates at its peak efficiency voltage and prevents under-voltage power losses even on hot day.

In SolarEdge inverter Solar Panels don’t have to be facing the same way.

SolarEdge’s proprietary Safe DC mechanism provides greater safety by shutting down module voltage during installation, maintenance, and firefighting.

In SolarEdge Inverter multiple arrays and module orientations are easily supported.

In SolarEdge Inverter whenever AC power is off, DC wires are Deenergized

Remote technical support is best with Havells Solaredge Inverter.

Benifit of Havells SolarEdge Power Optimizer:

Per-module Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

Superior efficiency (99.6% peak efficiency, 98.7% weighted efficiency).

Mitigates all  types of PV modules mismatch-loss, from manufacturing tolerance to partial shading in panels.

Designed for extreme environmental conditions.

25 year reliability and warranty.

Advanced, real-time performance measurement.

Automatic module DC voltage shut-down for installer and firefighter safety.

Independent optimization technology (IndOP™) - allows operation with any inverter and requires no additional interface hardware.

Thermal separation between bypass diodes & power optimizer.

Easier ribbon connection and verification for reduced cycle time.

60/72 cell module compatibility.

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 21/09/2020