Growatt On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List in India 2019


Growatt New Energy Technology Company ltd was established in 2010. Growatt has reached over 7 GW installations worldwide, Growatt famous as a world leading manufacturer of high efficiency solar inverters with cost-effective. Growatt focusing on providing reliable solar inverters and solar system solutions for global market.

Growatt On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List in India

Growatt On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List in India

Growatt Solar Inverter takes the mission to increase the inverter efficiency,putting continuous innovation to make Growatt Solar  inverters easier for installation and operation, and Growatt Inverter are more cost-effective for solar plant construction. Growatt Solar Inverter is a new energy company focusing on photovoltaic Solar Grid Tie inverters.

Growatt Solar Solar Inverter price list 2019

GROWATT ModelRating(KW)Price Rs.
Growatt 1000-S 1P1 KW Solar Inverter19,500.00
Growatt 2000-S 1P2 KW Solar Inverter27,500.00
Growatt 3000-S 1P3 KW Solar Inverter35,500.00
Growatt 4000-S 1P4 KW Solar Inverter45,500.00
Growatt 5000-S 1P5 KW Solar Inverter50,500.00
Growatt 5000UE 3P5 KW Solar Inverter75,500.00
Growatt 6000UE 3P6 KW Solar Inverter79,500.00
Growatt 10000UE 3P10 KW Solar Inverter1,10,500.00
Growatt 20000UE 3P20 KW Solar Inverter1,50,500.00
Growatt 30000UE 3P30KW Solar Inverter1,69,500.00
Growatt 40000UE 3P40 KW Solar Inverter1,97,500.00


Features of Growatt Solar Inverters:

Maximum efficiency Solar Inverters of up to 97.7%.

Wide input voltage range form 100 volt to 1000 volt

Internal DC switchwith MPPT Technology.

Transformer less GT topology Solar Inverters.

With Ethernet / RF technology / Wi-Fi.

Compact design and Easy for installation.

Comprehensive warranty program.

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 12/03/2019