SMA Solar Inverter Price List in India 2019


SMA is developing sophisticated system solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of the “electricity presumes” of tomorrow. SMA is setting the standards today for the digital, decentralised and renewable energy supply of future. More than 3,500 SMA employees in 22 countries have devoted themselves in this task. With the digitisation of the energy industry, SMA Now is entering the energy world of the future. Given that they will soon be the most cost-effective energy source in all regions.

SMA Solar On-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverters Price

SMA Solar On-Grid Hybrid Solar Inverters Price

SMA On-Grid Solar Inverter Price List 2019

SMA Model Rating / Capacity Price Rs.
Sunny Tripower 5000 TL SMA 5 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,28,500.00
Sunny Tripower 6000 TL SMA 6 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,47,000.00
Sunny Tripower 7000 TL SMA 7 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,60,000.00
Sunny Tripower 8000 TL SMA 8 kW-3P Solar Inverter 167,000.00
Sunny Tripower 9000 TL SMA 9 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,78,000.00
Sunny Tripower 10000 TL SMA 10 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,84,000.00
Sunny Tripower 12000 TL SMA 12 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,90,000.00
Sunny Tripower 20000 TL SMA 20 kW-3P Solar Inverter 1,96,000.00
Sunny Tripower 25000 TL SMA 25 kW-3P Solar Inverter 2,03,000.00


Features of SMA Solar Inverters:

Up to 1000 V DC input voltage range.

Shade management with OptiTrac™ Global Peak

Various power classes, 98 % efficiency.

Two inbuilt independent MPPT Trackers.

All-pole sensitive residual-current monitoring.

Comprehensive grid management functions.

Inbuilt Ethernet-based communication.

Positive Service interactions with your clients.

Pre-diagnosis without needing to go to site.

Power Management Via Power Control Interface.

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Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 06/03/2019