Solar Led Light Bulb

How Solar Led Light Bulb Works:-

Solar Bulb Bright Consist with built-in 3pcs Inner Solar Panels, High Lumens LEDs and a 1200mAh Lithium battery. It will recharge in sunlight, and will take 6-8 hours to fully charge Easy to use: two ways to turn it on, Screw the hooked lid to bulb thread and tighten, then press the switch button to turn on / off. Hold Bulb and mild press the top with your finger.



  • This rechargeable LED bulb works like any household bulb and give you 5-6 hours of lighting.
  • The built-in sensor can effect the success of power, determine the state of switch, and save you in the situation of outage, when power is cut the bulb operating as an emergency lamp and switches on automatically as long as room light Switch off .
  • Energy Saving, Long Life Expectancy, Rechargeable, IP66 Waterproof, Lightweight and easy to carry.

Top Solar Bands in India

Brands: TATA Solar. LUMINOUS Solar. SUKAM Solar. HAVELLS Solar. PATANJALI Solar. EXIDE Solar. MICROTEK Solar.  WAAREE Solar. VIKRAM Solar. JAKSON Solar. ADANI Solar. LUBI Solar. DELTA Inverter. ZEVER Inverter. SMA Inverter. GROWATT Inverter. SOLAX Inverter.


Author: Hari Sharan
Updated On: 06/03/2019